Metals + Care Tips


Wonder Works creates jewelry using gold filled and sterling silver metals and a variety of different stones. Offering gold filled and sterling silver is perfect for those with sensitive and delicate skin.  These metals create durable yet beautifully designed high quality jewelry products with the added bonus of still being affordable.


Gold Filled 

  • thick layer of gold (at least 5%) bonded to a base metal
  • more affordable than solid gold
  • great quality
  • will last for years

  • Gold filled jewelry is a high quality and an affordable alternative to solid gold. Despite its name, gold filled jewelry actually has a layer of solid gold bonded to a base metal (its not filled with gold).  Gold filled jewelry has a thicker layer of gold when compared to gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry.


    All of our gold jewelry is 14k gold bonded to a bass layer of brass, creating what is known as 14k gold filled.

    With proper care, gold filled jewelry will last for years.

      What does karat mean?

      Karat is an indicator of how pure the gold is. 1 karat is equal to 1/24 part of pure gold in an alloy.  At Wonder Works we use 14k gold filled metals.

      • 14k = 53.8% gold + alloyed metals

      Gold is a very soft and malleable substance and therefore NEEDS to be bonded to other metals to be durable.

      Sterling Silver

      Sterling silver is an alloyed metal with majority composition being silver.  When you see .925 sterling silver this means 92.5% of its contents are silver while the other 7.5% is made using copper, iron, or steel.  The addition of these other metals are meant to increase the durability of pure silver - pure silver is soft and malleable

      Over time, sterling silver jewelry does tarnish depending on the water and chemicals that it comes into contact with. This is why it is important to properly care for your jewelry, to ensure a long life.

      Although silver eventually tarnishes, it will not turn your skin green, but simply looses it shine as it darkens over time.  With proper care and regular polishing your jewelry will still last many years.

      At Wonder Works our .925 sterling silver jewelry is nickel and cadmium free.  Although sterling silver is hypoallergenic, there is a small percentage of people who may react. 

      Care Tips

      Avoid Wearing Jewelry when

      • swimming
      • in hot tubs
      • showering
      • going to bed
      • exercising
      • using harsh chemicals


      How to Clean Your Jewelry

      • let soak for 1 minute
      • give it a scrub with a soft toothbrush
      • rinse with lukewarm water
      • pat dry (make sure it is completely dry before storing it)
      • Use a polishing cloth to make your jewelry extra shiny


      Storing Your Jewelry

      • store it clean and dry
      • ideally in its own small bag (you can use the reusable bag provided in your Wonder Works package)
      • low humidity


      I know for many, following this entire regimen is not going to work out perfect every time.  It is okay to get your jewelry wet here and there, just make sure it is properly dried.  Crucial points to implement into your jewelry care include avoiding harsh chemicals, whether it is products you are applying to skin/face/hair or cleaning, avoid wearing to bed (can cause scratching and other damage), and ensuring your products are properly dried.  We just want your jewelry to stay as perfect as it came so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.



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